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Since its' inception in 1982, Bradric Records has strived for excellence in quality without losing focus on artist development. Our primary focus is working with new talent, getting them into the studio, polishing their act, and being the best performers that they can be. Recently, we have worked with many artists in and out of the recording studio including Brad Savage & The Cockroaches, Bob & Carl, Timmy Don't Be A Hero, and Joe Mamma. Many of the artists are diverse in their music, and Bradric Productions works with them to become top-notch entertainers.
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Brad Savage & The Cockroaches

Cockroach Party
All Funked Up
Back 4 More
Archie Soundtrack

Top Hits
Cockroach Party
Three Stooges Rock & Roll
We're The Archies 
Bob & Carl Go To The Bob & Carl Website
Timmy Don't Be A Hero New Artist In Studio
Joe Mamma New Artist In Studio